a propos de moi

A regular geek who’s still pursuing his curiosity and passion in information technology, machine learning, big data, data integration, by doing not-so-important-geeky things during outside office hour.

Several people in IT industry call me ‘magician’ because I have to fix any problem immediately and must always say ‘yes’ to whatever they ask, some call me ‘kuli korporat’, or some give a shout ‘what the hell are you doing’ at me when they caught me doing (called-so) not-so-important-geeky things.

This blog is intended for geeks and myself as personal writing. But several posts that I made during my happy-college-life are still here (just because when I saw the traffic, it’s still high & good for blog traffic wkwkwk)

So, enjoy and no vomiting inside.



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