WhatsApp FIX on CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica-a8.4 – NextGeneration

Today is the first day I flashed, rooted, and install new ROM (CyanogenMod-6.1.1-Spica-a8.4 – NextGeneration) on my Galaxy Spice I5700 phone. (Ah finally, my PM at office showed me how to do it easily.  Thank you Mas Ade). First impression is, WOW my phone is much better than before and it really saves battery energy.

The problem came when I installed WhatsApp from Market. At first it was good, until it came to screen registration (where you put the username), then tap ‘OK button’, I got force close and I couldn’t step to the next stage of WhatsApp registration.

I really thank to Internet and forum because after around several hours reading, summarizing, trying a lot of ways, one of them is WORKING! There is a thread in samdroid forum (http://forum.samdroid.net/f56/discussion-cyanogenmod-6-1-1-spica-a8-4-nextgeneration-4765/index18.html). One of the member  mention that he replace the libsqlite.so in /system/lib path and it worked for him. Then I try this way too. (PLEASE READ. Before replacing /system/lib/libsqlite.so file, please do a backup. Please know what you do to your phone)
To do this, you need the file libsqlite.so (thanks to xna-developers senior member who patch this) and do several command line using adb (Android Debug Bridge).

adb shell “mount -o remount,rw /dev/block/stl9 /system”

Command above is used to mount the system file so that you can copy file into the system. To replace the /system/lib/libsqlite.so, you will need to type this command:

adb push [yourPCpath/libsqlite.so] /system/lib

After you’ve finished, do reboot by typing

adb reboot

Try access your WhatsApp again, and It is working! If you have any trouble, just leave comment here. But mine is working perfectly now.

Have fun.



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